One Adorable Detail Had Royal Watchers Abuzz At Trooping The Colour Ceremony

Every year, on one Saturday in June, the royal family celebrates Trooping the Colour.

British citizens and Royal watchers from around the world gather around as the Royals celebrated Trooping the Colour with 1,400 officers, 200 horses and 400 musicians.

But this year, the only colors anyone could talk about were the ones being worn by the Royals themselves. Two members of the family in particular had Royal watchers abuzz with this adorable detail, perhaps you can spot it in the photo below:

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This year, the Queen’s official birthday was marked on the weekend of June 17th with the Trooping the Color ceremony. It is an annual parade that dates back to a military tradition from the 1700s.

One feature of the tradition was guard mounting: the colours of each battalion were to be carried slowly down the ranks so they could be seen and recognized by all of the soldiers. In 1748, it was decreed that the parade would mark the official birthday of the Sovereign.

There is no doubt that the Queen looked pretty as a picture in a pale blue ensemble, while Prince Philip looked dashing in his top hat.

But they weren’t the Royals that had everyone talking…

Obviously Prince Charles and his son, Prince William, looked like dashing soldiers as they rode in on horseback in full regalia. But theirs weren’t the Royal names on everyone’s tongues…

The two most talked about Royals at this year’s Trooping the Colour celebration were the Duchess of Cambridge and her daughter, Princess Charlotte.

The adorable mother-daughter duo matched perfectly in pink as they watched the jets from the Royal Air Force pass over Kensington Palace.

As little Prince George looked on with slightly less amusement. Mother and daughter really appeared to enjoy all the sights and sounds the great parade had to offer.

It isn’t unusual for Kate and little Charlotte to dress similarly and, although some call it old fashioned, it’s a particularly sweet way to show unity.

As usual, the Duchess of Cambridge was on point with her choice of millennial pink dress as well as a complimentary polkadot dress with the same millennial pink for Charlotte.

Watch the Royal Family as they make their appearance on the balcony in preparation to watch the Royal Air Force make it’s flight pass:

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