Heartless Owners Asked Vet To Kill Their Kitten, But The Doctor Had Other Plans

When a stranger dropped off this little bundle of love, his eye infection seemed too severe to treat, so they told the vet at Petsmart to kill him.

The vet had other plans though. They refused to euthanize him, so they treated his eye infection and a list of other health issues that plagued his tiny body.

He was about 3 weeks old when his new Mama met him, but she wasn’t deterred by how much care he would need. She knew that this little kitten needed a family and she and her boyfriend were ready to give him all the love it would take!

It took a lot of TLC and plenty of bottle feedings, but the little kitten pulled through. It’s been two years since they adopted little Gozer, now he’s a goofy, handsome boy full of love and mischief!

[Source: Love Meow / Reddit]

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