When He Saw The Note His Daughter Left In His Suitcase He Was Brought To Tears

Business trips are hard when you have young kids. You know how important it is to spend time with your children, but we don’t always have the choice to put it off. One dad received the sweetest note from his little girl during his trip to New York and it will absolutely melt anyone’s heart.

9-year-old Tate Dauter knew her dad Mark was going to miss her so she tucked a little surprise in his suitcase. This lucky dad opened his suitcase to see his daughter’s little Dumbo toy and a note from his little ‘Tatertot’.

The note says:

Dear Daddy, You can use Dumbo, I love you, Good morning, Goodnight, Sweet dreams. I love you to the moon and back. Also get me a suvaneir! 🙂 Love, Tatertot 🙂

How cute is that?! Mark says that when he travels he sends her lots of messages on her phone before bed. He says that when he found the note he was “touched with tears” and I feel like that is just a given! Who wouldn’t start sobbing if they found that in their suitcase?

What a sweet little girl with the absolute cutest nickname ever. Awesome job Tatertot!

United Airlines new, “honest” commercial will leave you in stitches

It has not been a good month for airlines. First, a thunderstorm in Atlanta delayed/canceled thousands of flights and then United made international headlines by dragging a customer off their plane.

A video of the entire incident was released and the ensuing internet firestorm has shaken United to its core. While they are waiting for it all to go away late night is having a field day.

You can’t get far without hearing hilarious new United “mottos” or seeing more videos of passengers getting mistreated by United staff. But this commercial from Jimmy Kimmel is our favorite so far.

Calls for a boycott have already emerged, and seem to be taken seriously. It remains to be seen how United, and other airlines, respond to this scandal.

Well it must have been a terrifying experience for the man, reportedly a doctor from Kentucky, I’m sure he’s in for a hefty payday. That will mean the event has everyone laughing, except United of course.

United Airlines Is Getting Completely Roasted On Twitter With Suggested New Mottos

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Most of us learn that important life lesson in kindergarten, but apparently one teacher from Miami, Florida never did.

When concerned mom Kandy Escotto noticed that her five-year-old son, Aaron, was not his usual self, she took extraordinary steps to confront his teacher.


Last year, a few weeks after

Beware Of This Text Scam That Could Cost You Thousands Of Dollars

There is a new cellphone text scam circulating that could drain your entire bank account with no chance of recovery.

Fraudsters will send text messages to your phone using your bank’s phone number, requesting you call fraud prevention line to confirm your identity. They’ll make you confirm your bank details, which will give them access to all your funds.

One woman had over $75,000 stolen from her accounts this week, but her bank is refusing to reimburse her because it’s not their error.

My Computer Blog

“I received the text, but this wasn’t unusual as I’ve had messages from them before,” says Claire Pearson, who lost over $75,000 to the scam. “It said there had been suspicious activity on my account, asked “do you recognize this transaction?”, if not call this number. I clicked the number and it called through, and the call went on for 30 minutes. The man I spoke to was lovely, we built up a rapport and he said they would send me a new card in three days.”

Continue reading to find out if Pearson got her money back.

Pearson’s bank, Santander, refused to reimburse her.

“When there has been no Santander error and customers have divulged personal, security information, we cannot accept any responsibility for the losses on the account.

Consumer expert Henry Wallop says, “Alarm bells shouldn’t necessarily have rung when the text come through – but you should always call the number on the back of your bank card, not a number in a text message. The number on the message was a fake number. The second alarm bell should have rung when they asked for your password – an official bank call will never ask for your password or security codes in full.

Credit Card Forum

See People’s Reaction When They Try The World’s Grossest Liquor

Have you ever tried a drink that was unanimously awful?

Maybe you passed around a bottle of homemade wine, or found a random liquor at the store that turned out to be a bad decision, but usually there’s one person at the party that will still drink it.

Hunter Hobbs took this test to the next level with this liqueur that was so awful it was funny to watch people’s reactions.


Continue to the next page to see what their reactions were.

With 3 people from the UK, 2 people from the US, Sophie from Switzerland, Kevin from the Netherlands, Irem from Turkey, Sarah from Scotland, Mike from Germany, Baptiste from France, Chantelle from Australia, each took a shot of Jeppson’s Malort Liqueur.

And here are the reactions:

“That is utterly foul”

“I want to cut my tongue off a little bit”

“It’s literally like someone sprayed bug spray in my house”

“It tastes like lead pencil”

Watch the full video here- It’s priceless.

Who are you Carl Jeppson? There are some people that would like to have a word with you.

This drink is a right of passage for many people that live in Chicago. Do you want to try it?

When The People Of This Small Arizona Town Looked Up They Saw A Message From God

When this cloud appeared in the Arizona sky, people were amazed.

After seeing the image of the hand of God in the clouds, some people are hailing it a miracle and a sign from the Father.

The photo was shared in a video posted to Youtube. The uploader claims that the photo has not been edited and was taken during sunrise in Arizona.

One YouTube user wrote: “It’s a miracle.”


Some YouTube users expressed their awe at the photo.

“Love the hand of God photo. Those of us who believe do not need a reminder, but in these crazy days it’s nice to see He shows us His love. Thank you for the video and all your hard work.”

Regardless of how you interpret the photo, it can be a positive sign for everyone.

“This sunset photo looks like a giant hand reaching up. It’s easy to take it as a sign since the outreached hand is often a sign of helping out others…a sign of love, caring and friendship,” blogger Scott C. Waring wrote. “Since the abilities of angels and some aliens are in essence equal, its comes to reason that one can be the other, but this sign was meant for someone out there. It has purpose to it.”

What do you think? Do you see the hand of God in this photo?

This Mom Takes One Look At What’s Written On The Dog’s Shirt And Screams, You’ll Laugh Out Loud When You Find Out Why

The popular convenience store company is celebrating its birthday today, July 11 – but they’re offering great deals for a week!

That’s right, an entire week. From July 11 to July 18 you can enjoy some of 7-Eleven’s most delicious snacks.

So whether you’re just in the area or getting some gas, take advantage of this offer and collect a freebie each day.

Wednesday July 11

Because today is the company’s birthday, they’re giving out

The Disturbing Truth About The Passenger Dragged Off United Flight

69-year-old David Dao was 1 of 4 passengers asked to leave an overbooked flight from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on its way to Louisville, KY.

After an altercation with employees, Dao was left bloodied and bruised as officials dragged him through the aisle of the aircraft.

After the incident, details of Dao’s life have come to light including the fact that he is a doctor in Kentucky.

His work was the reason why he refused to leave the aircraft when asked. He said he had patients to see early Monday morning and couldn’t afford the delay.

“I won’t go. I’m physician, have to work tomorrow, eight o’clock,” you can hear Dao saying to the officers in the clip.

After graduating from the University of Medicine at Saigon University in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam in 1974, he worked at Hardin Memorial Hospital and at a prison in Michigan City before opening his own practice with his wife.

The father of 5 has had run-ins with the law before including being indicted for drug-related offenses in October 2003. He was charged with 98 counts of illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers. He was then convicted in 2004 and placed under a 5 year supervised probation.

His questionable behavior didn’t stop with his drug charges. It was discovered that he was sexually pursuing a male patient, Brian Case who he knew from church. This included performing unnecessary physical examinations, writing prescriptions he didn’t need and eventually hiring him as his office manager. The man eventually left his job after filing a criminal complaint indicated that Dao arranged to provide him with prescription drugs in exchange for sex.

Dr. Dao was arrested when Case, who was 26 at the time- less than half the doctor’s age, agreed to go undercover. After being caught with his shirt off and his pants unbuckled, he denied what was about to occur.

Due to these transgressions, his medical licence was suspended in 2003, and was eventually reinstated in 2016 after completing workshops and undergoing psychological evaluations. During his evaluations he stated that regaining his medical licence was a matter of “family honor”. 4 of his 5 children are doctors. His wife Teresa is a pediatrician, their eldest son Tim practices medicine in Texas, their second son Ben is a medical graduate, their daughter Christine is a doctor in Durham NC, and their youngest daughter Angela is a medical graduate of the University of Kentucky. Their older daughter Crystal, Christine’s twin is a married mother living in Illinois.

In addition to his medical background Dao was also an avid and successful poker player. He made $243,644 in multiple World Series of Poker tournaments starting in 2006.

Regardless of his past, airport officials told the Associated Press that Dao was not selected to be removed from the flight for any of these reasons.

What do you think? Was this just random chance?

11-Year-Old Shot 3 Times To Save Baby Sister

What was supposed to be a relaxing, fun time at a birthday party in Sacramento turned into a scary situation for one family.

Carrie Joe took her 2 kids to Mama Marks Park for a birthday party in Del Paso Heights on a Sunday.  

While her kids were playing Carrie Joe suddenly heard gunshots.

Instead of trying to hide to protect himself, Joe’s 11-year-old son jumped into action. He ran over to his 2-year-old sister who was in the line of fire.

“My son instantly blew cover and went over (to) his 2-year-old sister. He thought to protect her — basically his body covering her,” Joe said. “That’s why I tell people he’s my hero. He protected my baby.”

The boy acted as a human shield to protect the toddler and in doing so was shot in the chest, back and knees.

“I hate that this happened to him because he didn’t deserve it at all. My baby is a good child. He deserves to have his childhood and be able to play at parks,” said Joe.

Her son was rushed to the hospital was had emergency surgery to remove a kidney, his appendix and treat other organs that were damages during the incident.

“He’s on a breathing machine to help him breathe,” Joe said. “One of the bullets that went in, it kind of ricocheted and did a lot of damage.”

In spite of all the damage the 11-year-old should make a full recovery. There have been no arrests made in connection with the shooting. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Sacramento Police Department.

The mother of 5 has been facing financial struggles since the family lost their house 5 months ago.

The community is now chipping in to help the family get back on their feet.

“I want to be able to bring my son home. And when I say home, home is with me and his brothers and his sisters. So, anywhere we are together is home,” Joe said. “I just can’t wait — if we have a home for him to come home to, that would be better.”

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Something went really, really wrong during a Nicole Richie Interview

We all know that embarrassing feeling when you miss a High Five. You either barely connect or whoosh right by your friends outstretched hand. There’s nothing worse….well almost nothing.

If you thought you knew what embarrassment felt like you need to check out Talk Scoop interviewer Cat Greenleaf epically missing a High Five on air with Nicole Richie. Not only does Greenleaf miss Richie’s hand, she connects…with her face.


Oh yes, what was intended to be a friendly High Five became an instant blooper classic as Greenleaf slapped Richie right in the face. She hit so hard Richie’s glasses went flying off.

The stunned look after pretty much says it all.

I’m sure Greenleaf wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole at that point, but Richie was a good sport about the accidental assault, striking a pose to cover the awkward situation.

“I’m so sorry. I’m notoriously clumsy,” screamed Greenleaf immediately after hitting Richie.

“I can see that,” Lionel’s famous daughter replied. “Out of my left eye only.”

What the hilarious mishap here, and never feel bad about your own awkwardness again.

Snowboarder Engulfed in “Snownado” On The Slopes

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Most of us learn that important life lesson in kindergarten, but apparently one teacher from Miami, Florida never did.

When concerned mom Kandy Escotto noticed that her five-year-old son, Aaron, was not his usual self, she took extraordinary steps to confront his teacher.


Last year, a few weeks after

People Are Claiming That ‘Blood Of Jesus’ Flower Only Grows During Holy Week

If you believe in God then chances are you also believe in miracles.

Inexplicable occurrences do not have to be major since God also works in small ways. Some of His miraculous works are manifested in our lives while others show through nature.

More recently, some people claim that a special flower that grows in New Zealand is proof of Jesus’ existence and his ascension.

The rare red flower commonly known as Blood of Jesus On The Cross only grows during Holy Week and when it blooms the center shows a design that resembles the cross.

Amazing, right? Well don’t get too excited.

Skeptics dug a little deeper after the image started circulating and uncovered the true facts behind this miraculous bloom.

According to Snopes, the beautiful flower is actually called New Zealand Pohutukawa and unlike all the speculation, it blooms around another Christian holiday – Christmas.

Although the striking flower is impressive for a variety of reasons, it’s rumored ability to grow specifically during Holy Week is not one of them.

As Easter approaches you might see photos of this flower making the rounds on social media, so before you share make sure that the facts that accompany it are the correct ones.