This Equestrian Club In China Treats Their Horses To The Good Life

If you live in the country you probably own horses or know someone who does. While it has a reputation for being an expensive hobby, it doesn’t have to be.

Nowadays you can stable a horse pretty cheaply at an equestrian club where it will be taken care of. But there are still lots of wealthy owners who are willing to spend huge amounts of money on their horses. You’ll find a lot of owners like that in China’s Heilan Equestrian club.

With 130 trainers from around the world but only 100 members, this club is the definition of exclusive. There’s no word on how much a membership costs, but just looking at their luxurious marble stable proves that old saying: if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Marco Kray

The club’s facilities take up nearly 3 million square feet, including a bar, restaurant and a luxury resort for visitors.

While only club members can use the club’s training center – which is the largest in Asia – the Horse Culture Museum is open to visitors.

Messy Nessy Chic

Inside, you’ll find a sample of the more than 400 rare horses the club has purchased from breeders around the world. As you can see, no expense is spared to look after these animals.

The club has even bought special hair-dryers for their four-legged members.

If you ever get a chance to visit the club, you might be lucky enough to catch the members showing off their dressage – or horse dancing – skills.

The members actually broke a record a few years ago for the largest dressage demonstration, with 60 horses performing at once.

Is this club a horse lover’s dream, or just a waste of money?

This Tool-Dog Is A Mechanic You Can Trust

It may be a monkey wrench, but a car repair shop somewhere in Russia has everyone talking about their tool-dog.

The mystery shop posted videos of their faithful tool dog that helps mechanics get the tools they need for the changes, repairs and replacements. No one knows exactly where it is, but everyone wants to go there.

Not everyone was laughing though. Many people expressed concern about turning dogs into labor animals. They say the mechanic is cruel because the spine of a wiener dog is particularly vulnerable to injury.

Mechanic and wiener dog

However in the picture the tools seem lightweight and well-balanced and the adorable car canine looks like it’s just another day at the office.

I’m sure this Good Boy has earned some treats and then some!

They Saved This Beagle, Now She’s Saved The Life Of A Little Girl

Peanut may not have had an easy start to her life, but that wasn’t going to stop her from being a real hero.

She was a shelter dog, who got a second chance after being rescued from an abusive home. And what she did proves that she overcame that tragic experience and came out even stronger on the other side.

Not only is she now a sweetheart with a family who loves her, but she has done something absolutely miraculous and saved a life.

Peanut was in her new home one evening when she started going nuts. She was barking, whining, yelping and running non-stop up and down the stairs. Her owners didn’t know what was wrong but let her outside when she asked.

Her owner followed her as she took off running into the back of their yard, stopping only when she reached the ditch. When he caught up to her he couldn’t believe what he saw. Lying in the ditch was a 3-year-old girl, shivering, alone and naked.

He immediately wrapped up the girl in his sweatshirt and called 911. While they waited for the ambulance the only thing she could say was “doggie”.

Peanut came from the Delta County Animal Shelter after being rescued from an incredibly abusive home. When she arrived she had broken legs, broken ribs and her stomach was full of carpet chunks.

She got a second chance and used it to help out someone else who was suffering as much as she had. The sheriff’s deputies managed to track down the girl’s parents and realized the home was “unsanitary and unsafe”.

Peanut not only managed to save this young girl’s life, but also the life of the girl’s sister who was still in the home. Both children are now safe in Child Protective Services thanks to Peanut’s keen senses.

Strangers Drove These Cats 300 Miles To Find Them A New Home

If you ever wondered just how far animal lovers will go to help pets in need, this story will prove there are no limits.

Rescue cats Barney and Benny had a bad start to their lives. They were found living in Keighley, England with a hoarder who owned at least 30 other cats. Luckily, they were rescued by the Keighley Cat Care center (KCC), but that wasn’t the end of their troubles.

While the other cats found new homes quickly, Benny and Barney weren’t so lucky. After 6 months they were both still living at the shelter, and it took drastic measures to find them a  new home.

Benny and Barney had lots of problems that made it hard to find a good owner.

For one thing, they’re both very old and have lots of health problems. Benny is 14 and the center isn’t even sure how old Barney is.

The two cats are also totally inseparable. Angela Gray, who works for KCC, says she’s “never seen anything like” the bond between these two cats.

“You can’t tell where one starts and the other ends,” she told the Daily Mail. “They do everything together, they are like a couple who’ve been married for 50 years.”

That meant they needed to find a home that would take in both cats. With the help of Twitter the center tracked down a suitable owner, but there was still one problem.

The new owner was living in Portsmouth – 300 miles away from the center – and it seemed like there was no way for anyone to get the cats to their new home.

Incredibly, before anyone asked, people online began planning a massive road trip to move these old cats to their Forever Home.

Daily Mail

Starting at 1am, a team of 4 drivers transported the cats in a relay across England, reaching their new home 9 hours later.

Along the way, they shared photos of the journey online using the hashtag #ProjectB2.

While it was a grueling trip for some of the drivers, they made sure the cats were as comfortable as possible.

They had food and toys for every leg, and one driver spotted the pets reaching out to comfort each other along the way.

Now Benny and Barney are safe and happy in their new home. Gray is impressed by the kindness everyone involved demonstrated, saying the center “cannot thank our Twitter followers enough.”

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Woman Leaves Foul-Mouthed Message On Her Dog’s Tag After He Escapes Dozens Of Times

Lots of dog owners get frustrated by their pet’s behavior, but Janine Ellem’s dog Boy seems to know exactly how to push her buttons.

Boy, a 7-year-old Shih-Tzu mix, is a master escape artist. Starting in the early morning, he digs trenches underneath Ellem’s backyard fence, following local schoolchildren on their morning trains.

In his many escape attempts Boy has gone as far as 6 miles away, and once even snuck into a nearby flight school – maybe hoping to hop a ride and leave the country.

9 News

Ellem has tried everything to keep her rebellious pooch from running away, including lining the bottom of her fence with bricks.

“He has got me at my wit’s end with him getting out, running the roads, making friends all over,” she told Australia’s 9 News.

9 News

What upsets her most is all the fun adventures Boy seems to get into when he leaves the house. Apparently, you could make a pretty entertaining movie about how Boy spends his days away from home.

“He arrived home one day in a yellow sports car,” she said. “I have never been in a yellow sports car, and he was sitting up beside a lovely young lady.”

With no hope of keeping her dog from leaving home, Ellem has resorted to leaving a passive aggressive note on his collar.

Anyone who finds Boy roaming Brisbane and checks his tag will see this message:

9 News

My name is Boy and I’m a d—- I don’t like my home where I get two meals a day and a lot of love so I escape.

The other side lists Ellem’s address, but also jokes that strangers can “feel free to keep” Boy.

Ellem guesses that Boy has been acting out because his best friend and housemate Ralph, a 16-year-old Pyrenees, was put down recently.

But after months of chasing after him, she’s become so frustrated with Boy that she’s considering neutering him, in the hopes that it will bring his behavior under control.

Until then, anyone riding the train in Brisbane should be on the lookout for this notorious fugitive.

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Cat Has A Strange Reaction When His Long-Lost Brother Returns Home

Most brothers have a love-hate relationship, but these two have a bond we’re not quite sure about.

A couple owned two cats: A black one and a white one with black markings. They were brothers and practically inseparable, until one day the black cat disappeared. We can imagine how heartbroken the kitty’s owners must’ve been, and how much his brother missed him. They probably thought he was gone for good.

Over a month passed, and the severely-underweight black cat showed up with a chunk of fur missing. The white kitty had no idea until his owners called to him and placed the “prodigal brother” in his path. He reacts by making a high-pitched moaning noise and following his brother around the house. What does it mean?

See the full video of their meeting here:

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think the long-lost cat’s brother is happy to see him or not?