A Zoo Is Maiming Rhinos To Protect Them And People Are Outraged


A zoo in the Czech Republic has decided to take preventative measures to protect their rhinos.

After poachers broke into a zoo in Fracne and brutally killed a rhino for his horn, the Dvur Kralove zoo is responding to the threat in a controversial way.

The zoo has decided to sedate all the rhinos in captivity and remove their horns so that if poachers try to come in and do it inhumanely, they won’t have the option. The zoo believes this is a life-saving procedure in the long run.

Because Rhino horns grow back, some rhinos will have to undergo multiple procedures over their lifetime.

“It’s for the sake of rhino safety,” Andrea Jirousova, a spokeswoman for the Dvur Kralove zoo said. “The attack [in France] put us on the alert — the danger is really intense.”


Rhino horns now rival gold in terms of price, with organized crime groups illegally trafficking the horns across borders. The keratin found in rhino horns is (falsely) believed to cure everything from hangovers to cancer.

Though this method of “protection” is arguably a terrible idea, you cannot deny the distinct danger that animals in captivity are now facing.

“This is poaching on a whole new level,” Azzedine Downes, president and CEO of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) says. “Wild rhinos have been in the sights of poachers for many years. It’s horrifying to imagine a captive rhino falling prey to poachers’ bullets.”

While many people think this method is unorthodox, some experts are saying it’s for the best.

“Any and all methods, including dehorning, should be supported as a deterrents to save the lives of the rhinos,” Paul Oxton, founder and director of Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation said.

Oxton also adds that there needs to be educational campaigns in high-demand countries so people understand how cruel and useless it is to de-horn a rhino.

In 2016 alone, 1100 rhinos were killed in South Africa. It’s estimated that there are only 29,500 rhinos left in the world.

Do you think this method of protection is warranted, or is it outrageous? Let us now what you think.

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