8 Totally Safe Foods To Eat On a First Date

You may have heard your friend warn you about the dangers of spaghetti after returning from a first date. It can be truly awkward and super messy to eat certain foods in front of someone you’re meeting one-on-one for the first time.

Eating soup or pho might splash your date, sushi would would make you look like an unattractive chipmunk, and anything with garlic is an automatic no-no. I know what you’re thinking: “That cancels out most of the foods I like, then! Might as well go for coffee and be done with it!”

Food is wonderful. You must have food. We’ve picked out 10 fool-proof foods you will not only enjoy, but will look great eating them.

1. Rice Dishes

Skip noodles of any kind. Trust me, it’s not going to go well. Rice is a beautiful alternative! You can order a risotto, steamed rice, or fried rice and it will be just grand.


2. Bow Tie Pasta

Most pastas are out, but bow tie pasta is probably the cutest thing you could eat. It’s easy to stab with your fork and usually has a light sauce to decrease the messy factor.


3. Appetizers or Tapas of Any Kind

Bite-size items are the way to go, because it leaves a lot of room for chatting. A cheese platter paired with wine is a lot of fun to share too! Just be careful of items that contain onions or garlic.

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4. Salad

Leafy greens are a go-to because they’re likely going to be the healthiest thing on the menu. Also, salad is likely the messiest thing you can eat and still look great. Just be careful of getting bits stuck in your teeth.

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5. Thin-Crust Gourmet Pizza

No hands allowed here! You’ll want to order your fancy Mediterranean-style pizza and eat it with a knife and fork. Trust me, you’ll impress your date.

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6. Steak, Chicken, or Salmon With Side Veggies

This is the ultimate winner. A classic meal of protein and crisp green beans or asparagus on the side will be easy for you to cut up into small pieces and eat with ease.

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7. Burger Sliders

Regular-size burgers are out. Grease and toppings will drip out onto your plate or lap and everything will be horrible forever. Opt for the small version of the burger: the slider.

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8. Cake or Pie

Anything chocolate is always a winner on a date. If you can find a fudge cheesecake with whipping cream and caramel drizzle? Order it. It shall be delicious and ye shall not fail in the eating of it if you are careful.

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