10 Songs From Kids Movies That All Parents Find Themselves Singing When They Least Expect It

If you’re a parent you know exactly what I am talking about. With four daughters I have been subjected to countless hours of Disney and Pixar animation, and everything else that comes along with it, including the songs throughout those movies.

Even long after my kids have gone to bed and I’m doing dishes, or when I am driving by myself, I will find myself signing these songs that have been hammered into my head. It’s a hazard of parenting.

I apologize in advance if you had managed to get these songs out of your heads, before having this article put them right back in there. Here are 10 Disney songs that you just can’t seem to get out of your head.

It’s a classic and too catchy not to sing along to.

You don’t even have to have kids to know all of the words in this song, everyone knows Hakuna Matata.

Take this song out of the movie and it still isn’t half bad.

This reggae style song is still pretty catchy.

If only we all sounded as smooth as Aladdin and Jasmine when we belted out this song.

Yup, this song was pretty good too.

Now that we’ve looked at the classics, let’s sing along with the more modern songs…

I was pretty sure this was going to become the next Let It Go. Speaking of Let It Go…

Most parents absolutely hate this song. Not because it’s a bad song, but because they have heard it 40,000 times.

It might be an Elton John cover, but the movie put it on the map for a lot of parents. It’s a great tune.

And to finish off this list, a little Celtic music.

What is your least/favorite Disney song?

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